You can hit “like,” but I want the Love of a comment; the beginning of a discussion that allows me to understand your thoughts by dissecting your heart. Let me feel the power of your words, whether you agree or disagree.  Can we spend time having dialogue to formulate progression?  I write to open minds or get challenged to reevaluate my ink. What do you like? Why do you like it? How did liking it effect you? When did you decide to like it? I have questions. Let me get to know you, even if it leads to me not liking you….Give me choice!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

14 thoughts on “Comment

  1. You have a good reason for writing and mine is not so different, though I have a lot of other reasons as I’m sure you do as well. I would’t mind being able to inspire and be involved in more discussions too. But I find few people seem willing to put themselves out there. I write a lot of poetry, and usually, only get comments when I link it to a dedicated poetry site such as D’


    1. Yes, yes, we must encourage dialog, whether people agree or disagree. When our hearts are in ink, we expect some feedback. Writing is a passion of mine. But inspiration is a God given talent. Keep inspiring through poetry, people will hear your words and start responding to them. I am not a poet, even though I write with a poetic tone. I enjoy some poetry, other poetry goes over my head. I will check out some more of your work. Thanks for commenting on mine….


      1. You truly buy into the no reason theory huh???? I like a back massage, why….no reason. I always thought reason is what separated us from animals but I thought wrong@#$/ ….seriously we all have a reason but don’t always have the words or the patience to share or we are hitting like to be noticed but there is always a reason.


  2. I liked it, but I Love to comment. If something really speaks to me I love to comment on it. Criticism is also OK, it makes us see things from a different perspective. As an example when you said “how did it liking it effect you” I would use a verb “affect”… I don’t understand why people don’t take time to comment, I love communication and getting to know people.

    On the other note, I Love the photo! It looks like a ink and pen artwork.It would make a nice painting too!


    1. I like that you Love to comment and we are able to speak on the variety of topics we both write about….I Love to inspire and be inspired. When something moves me to like it, I want to express why I like it. The world needs clarity, too many intentions that aren’t expressed.

      “Being criticized” is positive when it’s coming from a progressive and productive state….all criticism does is point out fault and if we are striving for perfection, we embrace it. People don’t take the time to comment because they want to “like” a person with putting in the work to know them!!!!

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      1. Haha, no one ever called me boss! 😀 I stand behind what I say and I say what I mean but I also admit my mistake and try to correct it… But also I see the same in you!


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