The pain is holding me hostage;  tried to escape so many times, but I was recaptured by the strength of this emotion. Never thought you would be the one to imprison me because I felt so free around you. I seen salvation in your eyes but deception in your heart. You used the words “I Love You” so much I was brainwashed to believe them. Now I have dried and I am ready to fold. Wanting to reach out and release the chains, but I am shackled to my principles.  I waited for one romantic grand gesture, it never showed up. I am torn up, tortured with the idea I only believed. I seen the sun shine in the window, but the day continues to break and my heart has broken with the arrival of night.  I am In-Love with the death penalty!!!!

4 thoughts on “Held Hostage

  1. It was not meant to be… Words can be just empty promises, if not followed by actions of Love. Your heart will heal and be reinforced at the spot where it was broken!


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