Do I have to save the whole world collectively to be acknowledged as an answer? Do I have to question everything for people to believe I am open-minded?  I’ve sat in groups and challenged them to challenge each other and the silence became dense.  I’ve encouraged “open minds” to see the world from my eyes because I have already looked through theirs; and nothing. I’ve smiled at a frown, fought for peace, and enriched the poor; but it seems that nothing has changed. The poor are still fighting to produce frowns; but that’s with one eye closed. I opened the other and seen laughter,  peaceful joy, and the enrichment of people working with one other. I opened both eyes and seen the world for what it truly is,  people breaking while others fixing; people killing while others giving birth,  and people conspiring while others inspire. I shut one lens, choosing to be an optimist, walking handicapped until I can see the same view with both eyes opened!!!!

5 thoughts on “We Have A Choice

  1. I think every human being appreciates Joy and every human being had some lessons to learn and some pain to go through, so joy is appreciated and wanted by all.


  2. Great piece!
    “How would you know joy, if you never experienced pain
    How would you admire a rainbow. if you never stood in the rain…”


    1. I believe we know God without the devil because something that feels great doesn’t have to derive from something that feels bad. So i disagree with that….we know joy in spite of pain. We need the rain to product rainbows but they are both great things.

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      1. In this context I meant joy is more appreciated if you have experienced pain, so you strive all your days to be joyful! I agree that joy is part of us and comes from God.


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