Selma started out with a bang! It jolted emotions within my soul that left me absent of my body. The movie had so much spirit; from the way several were able to be one, to their ability to risk death for change. Selma illustrated how it takes many to make anyone great; it takes trust and able-bodies to organize anything worth moving. As the tears dropped from my Loved ones, a warmth invaded my body with purpose. I was inspired by strength to choose peace over violence. I was angered by the hate yet soothed by the Love. Selma reinforced my faith in Love and my ability to challenge people to adopt it!!!!

3 thoughts on “Watched “Selma”

  1. Great passage! I’m glad I was able to ignite your inspiration, but inspiration doesn’t run in one direction, it flows both ways and that’s what’s so great about it! 🙂

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  2. What a great movie, moving and inspiring! Dr. King was surely a visionary, a fighter, a never give up kind of man, changing hearts and minds, changing the course of history and the future at the same time!


    1. I am inspired by inspiration. When I see pain, it doesn’t bring tears, it ignites purpose, when I see ignorance it encourages me to inform, when I witness stupidity it motivates me to educate, but when I see happiness tears run down my cheek because i am home!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

      You have done it again, pulled my passion out

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