Dr. Martin Luther King is an example of how “one” can lead many. He’s a sample of several people who die to improve the quality of the living. Though his birthday was January 15th, as a nation we celebrate his greatness today. Dr. King wasn’t afraid to encourage others to conform to his views. He challenged us to stand up when we were getting pushed down. He organized thousands to march in one ideal, equality. He is honored for his peaceful protests against the violence of racism. We are closer to harmony because one man was courageous enough to bite a bullet, giving us a shot at unity!!!!

2 thoughts on “We Celebrate You “DR. KING”

  1. Absolutely! The power of one. We all need a leader and we all need faithful followers to make that one, powerful. Its like when they say prayer is powerful in numbers…. any one thing is powerful in numbers, as long as there is a solidarity in belief and a truth to being led.


    1. Oneness is a concept that scares people. They believe they would lose their identity. How, when we are different in birth. It’s those differences that make oneness possible. It’s those differences that allow each piece to function as one whole. We need to believe in unity to unite, when need to believe in peace to be peaceful. It’s possible, I believe and so did DR. King JR

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