I am trapped in your hug; the first time I felt your heart beat against mine it drove me out of my mind. The only sanity was knowing your embrace would be my future, as long as I didn’t live in the past. I have heard songs about this feeling; now they all make sense. They say I’m a fool for falling so fast, but they haven’t experienced the certainty of Love. What was once wise words are now other-wise. You don’t have a choice when itโ€™s the real thing. Itโ€™s a hurdle too high to jump and a hole too steep to climb out of; it’s an emotion too strong to run from. The greater thing is you don’t want to try to jump, climb, or run; you want its fate to become your faith. Dam, this feels so good it hurts. I have lusted; been infatuated, but could never understand what I was missing in being In-Love. Always seen the tears and disregarded the smiles; now I see the tears existed because they cherished the smiles. I never understood home until you wrapped your arms around me!!!!

13 thoughts on “Your Hug

  1. This is so inspiring… To Love. To truly know it and recognize it differently than the rest….. its beautiful. Especially if your heart is broken and you have the pleasure of feeling it again!


  2. This is so true. I used to think love is so overrated. But I had never been in love back then. I have done stupid things in love, things I used to roll my eyes and shake my head at before.


    1. The smartest thing you can do is experience Love fully. Waking up in the perfections of someone’s imperfections is perfect. Being devoted to another human being, dedicating your tears and smiles to someone for a lifetime, is living. Most people believe Love to be overrated because most are in it for themselves. When you are an us, the journey is more fulfilling. You must trust someone to be presence. You surrender and see what transpires. Love is a beautiful Faith, I will die, living in it….

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      1. It’s amazing to see how intensely you embrace love.
        I’m curious though, do you always think like this? I used to be a very positive person until recently when the demons of depression caught up with me, and on WordPress I am being a very positive version of myself – the person I like. But if I could retain this feeling for the rest of my day, life wouldn’t be so much of a struggle.


      2. Love is my Faith. Faith is one’s purpose on earth, I am blinded so badly, it allows me to see everything.
        Always, maybe be an extreme, I have bad moments. I have moments where the world sits on me with all of its weight. But I have people around me to reinforce my positivity. Most of the time I am a very positive, progressive person. People tend to think I am insensitive at times because I will spin a bad situation into something positive. Depression is a demon that sneaks up on you while you sleep. You must always know, you can’t control others or every circumstance. But you can control how you take them in. I believe everything happens for me, a lesson in growth. Something I need to learn from if it’s bad or embrace if it’s good. It’s great that you show the positive side of you on WordPress but you should write the negative also. Seek assists. We can’t do it alone, no matter how much we try. Like how you are opening up to me now, it’s show you want clarity. You will come across struggles daily but if you remember to talk about them, your share your burdens. Any obstacle, you must believe you can overcome and the outcome will always work in your favor. “Life is like several math problems, when you find the perfect method it can solve a multitude of problems.” Confidence is the number one thing, you must be sure your a great person and you’ll be certain about how you handle life.


      1. It isn’t something I can do alone….I need others to reconfirm that it’s worth it. Not enough people can say they gave their soul to Love. Those that can, can never stop Loving. Thanks for connecting….keep stopping by. It will be worth it.


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