The reality is, when you know what you want there’s a lot you don’t want. When you walk in a store and know what you want to buy, you don’t pick up a bunch of different items. I know what I want. So when I meet people, I instantly decide whether I want them in my life or not. I have constructed a list of attributes I would like to surround me; I am setting myself up for success.


I refuse to spend the rest of my days around uncertainties, when I can have consistent, well-rounded friends. I speak freely, so I Love people who speak freely. But speaking freely isn’t enough, they must have quality  progressive free thoughts, words that will actually add value to my life and others.


I Love integrity. People that will stand up for what’s right, regardless if it goes against the majority. Selective people are my cup of tea. I am sick of running into the same “Everyone deserves a chance.” The people that justify bad choices with past history, but know better. Give me a person focused on virtues, morals, and principles above all.


I Love affection, but not when a person gives you affection to get some in return (though I reciprocate most times). Give me a person that will hug and kiss you just because they want to express genuine appreciation for you being in their lives.


I Love blunt people; I mean someone that will speak truth to advance you. People that you can blindly rely on to be honest so you never have to question them. I know who I want in my life and I know why I want these people in my life. This is why I clearly know I don’t want most people around me. I Love holding discussions that bring you closer daily. People who rarely have to apologize because they Love who they are, and force others toaccept them.


I Love those that give from the heart and also take from the heart. They are humble when humility applies but apply confidence in most components of their lives.


I know exactly what I want around me, so if you don’t have these attributes don’t bother, because it will end before it has time to begin. Though my purpose is to save the world, a part of that purpose is to surround myself with people who will preserve the strength to carry it out!!!!



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