Inspiration is a talent.

The ability to spark hope in souls that need to burn is a gift. We see people take their last breath and somehow we continue to find the air to exhale and move forward. We witness people healing from deadly illnesses, showing  purpose and God’s will. We encourage our infants to walk, our families to express their thoughts, and friends to remain loyal to all they speak. A laugh from a woman going through child-birth allows us to believe hope is possible through the greatest of pains. The moment we look into the eyes of a person that stops our heart from beating, it restarts, inspiring us to be stronger and wiser. When we sit back and truly reflect, we realize what inspires us the most is sharing life with people whom give us life until we are lifeless. As we grow we realize we need the sun, water, and soil to truly blossom. That’s inspiration!!!!

3 thoughts on “Inspiration Is A Talent

  1. Thats a great picture to match your words. The 2 together depicted your message and strengthened its content. We, me, alot of times, take these people and moments of inspiration for granted, so I will also say, it takes a gifted person to maximize on what they are inspired by, instead of allowing it to pass 🙂


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