Home is a place where we can rest our heads, and our minds are certain that no harm will ever be intended. It’s where our heart can have undying faith that it will be alive long enough to say “I Love you” to people who not only reciprocates the emotion but acts on it. Home is the foundation that houses our stability and comfort; it’s the only environment where completion is possible and wholeness is plausible. We spend so much time searching for a place to call home that we are always misplaced when we find it. We tend to choose homelessness because we feel displaced by  certainty; uncertainty has become so familiar, it’s the only thing that feels natural. But, it’s in our nature to find happiness, and return to our homes by rebuilding Heaven!!!!



11 thoughts on “Home

  1. No greater feeling than home! ! This beautiful. Sorry I am blowing up your blog. Lol. Been meaning to read all the new ones and hadn’t had time and I just couldn’t resist …and then I got caught up in all of them lol. Ok I’m done blowing you up


    1. Home should be beautiful. I know it isn’t the case for everyone but I hope this inspires them to build the beauty in their homes. My Blog is here to blow up. I want to connect with people. Have real discussions. Build a community, maybe build friends, shit maybe fall in Love. I want feed back, most things I read I give feed back.

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      1. Well I think all those are a possibility on here. You talk to so many different people with different walks of life. Connecting…falling in love….it’s all very possible. I hope you do. 🙂 I really hope you get what you’re looking for here….that connection….it’s so special


      2. So since you mentioned falling in love, it’s safe to say you’re not? Because ..you got a lot of love to give. I know you’ll find it. 🙂 my blogging needs… are satisfied 🙂


      3. It’s safe to say I am surrounded around Love but haven’t falling. I am confident I will get catch when I do. It’s great you are finding satisfaction in blogging….continue the search


      4. I will, thank you. sorry to hear you havent fallen. cant wait to see how you write when that happens ;] . e.p.i.c


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