We can be great by being more grateful; feeling what we have in our hands, never making a fist because we fear crushing hope. We get caught up in someone’s; eyes, never leaving their sight until we can see what they see. We can question less and answer more. We can believe in more by doubting less. We can stop relating trustworthiness to gullibility, and realize being gullible is being around people you don’t trust. We can inherit a world that is wealthier in souls than dollars, Love than hate, and joy than pain. We can inherit a world where the sun is always rising because we are set!!!!



13 thoughts on “We Are Greatness

  1. The whole thing. Sometimes it’s hard to explain just a piece of it that I like. Because sometimes it’s everything. ..and sometimes it is one thing. But this one is truly poetic.


  2. I know I’ve said this before, but one thing I love about reading your blog, is no matter how small of a blog it is, I end up feeling positive and determined and focused when I am done. lol. It’s nice. thank you for my daily dose ;]


    1. Inspiration is my purposes. I want people to read my blog and feel like they can be the best people. I want them to have the same passion to unite people. I want them to want to search for the best in themselves if they don’t feel they have been their best selves. I want them to feel, what’s possible when Love is put first. Thanks for your words because they add to my fuel so I can continue driving.

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