Heart-break feels like the number one cause of death. When someone you Love walks out the door, you lock up and put the chain on. It feels like you never will be with anyone that compares, but then you run into someone, and you realize this is the person everyone else was preparing you for. You take the chain off, unlock the door, and let them in. When you watch them lock the door behind them, you know you found home. The key is not to push them away due to the past, but to look forward to the future by using the present to fill them in about the past. Commitment is a beautiful thing. I encourage people to workout mentally, physically, and emotionally becauseĀ  finding a new partner will take being open to embrace them…


4 thoughts on “Heart-Break Feels Like The Number One Cause Of Death

  1. It’s so easy to keep people out because of the past. But the only way to move forward is to let it go, and just learn from it. Not make the new one pay for the old ones mistake . Easier said than done. Once again, you’re on point.


    1. It easy to keep people out but it somehow allows us to let bad people in. The more a person hold on to baggage, the more that person can relate to other people with baggage. New, people should get new experiences. You learn from thr old to strength the new. It should make you a better judge of character.

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