I walk into a silent room, everybody looks towards me to give it sound. I begin to speak about my commute. I told them my eyes were closed from the fatigue of the night before. When I opened them, I was directly across from my dream. I locked eyes with her, afraid to blink. She smiled and said, “Hello”. I looked around hoping there wasn’t anyone behind me; she was talking to me. I said, “Hello” as my voice quivered. I told her, “I had to look around to make sure you were speaking to me.” She replied, “Why wouldn’t I be speaking to you, we have only been locking eyes for the last two stops? I seen you weren’t going to be man  enough to say something, so I felt it was my job to teach you some manners.” I said,  “Oh, is that right. You are teaching me manners? What if my mother taught me not to talk to strangers?” In response she said, “Then she should have taught you not to stare at them either.” I replied,  “Wow….you are feisty.” In return she said,  “I am just being honest. What kind of man stares at a women without addressing her?” I answered, “The type of man who is attracted to a woman who will make the first move.” She said, “Please, if you were staring, you were already interested; that’s a woman’s move.” I said, “If I have to move like a woman to gain the woman I desire then so be it. I am a strong personality and I need to know a woman’s an equal before we get personal.” She stated, “Well, now that I made the first move, you can make the second.” I asked, “Can I have your number so we can talk? I get off the next stop.” She writes her number on a piece of paper and extends her hand as I hear “Next stop, Fordham”. I popped up out of my sleep, she was gone. I dreamt the whole thing. Everyone in the room shook their heads and said, “I hate when that happens.”I agreed, “Me too.” I was inches away from never having to wake up again!!!!


6 thoughts on “The Commute Of Destiny

    1. Thanks, I am Glad you enjoyed it. As far as making it longer, the man and woman never was because it was all a dream during his commute. There never was a woman, but I will have more stories that will consist of both man and woman….question? Why would you want to expand on a story? Did it leave you wanting more?


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