If Love was a lifetime away, I will die tomorrow just to experience it. If she was the blessing of that feeling, I would chase her to be blessed. If I ever become so bitter I question Love, I would remember the sweetness of its presence and that would be my answer. When in their memory, I was lost; I can say I was never found; but when in their soul I was forgotten, then I can say I was forgiven. When living in their heart becomes a bill, I want to go somewhere I can live for free. When living in their mind becomes a doubt, I want to search for an absolute. I am a seeker of pure intoxicating Love; not the “like” that most will sober from. My quest is forever or never…. I will not live in between. My happiness will exist in the journey if I can’t be content with my destination. I am alive with my mind working as a compass to my hearts survival!!!!

16 thoughts on “I Breathe

  1. Why do I feel like I read this? Have you posted this before? If not… it’s very similar to another you wrote.


    1. I put this up before, I am re-organizing my blog. So, you come across some you read. Some are similar just written different. We go through the same issues but I like to give different prospectives about similar issues.

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      1. Ok good. I’m glad I wasn’t going crazy lol. I’m like “either I’ve read this or…. I dreamt it” lmao. Didn’t think we were THAT connected


  2. Well said and a great way to be “forever or never… I will not live in between”! Great fitting painting too!


    1. Settling may surround a person with settlers but I Live in the clouds, looking for heaven. I want a person worth dying for.

      Thanks, picking a picture that fits the emotion can be challenging but when it’s Love, I have tons. I hope you felt this piece in your heart.

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      1. Your passion and Love is felt through your words! One day, I am sure, you will find what you’re looking for!!!


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