I have been teased for my looks, my speech, and my comprehension, but I am a better man for it. I collected all the tears and found a way to bathe in them. Pain motivates me to bring more pleasure. My mentality is set on progression; anything that will set me back, my mind doesn’t process. My time isn’t used for change; it’s used to make the changes stick. I act, or, I embrace the consequences of being inactive. I am a true optimist that believes the world is clay and I can mold my surroundings!!!!

12 thoughts on “Pain Paved The Path

  1. “I collected all the tears and I’ve found a way to bathe in them” wow. Why were you teased for these things? I am glad your glass is full… and you are looking at the positivity around you.


    1. Big lips are cool when you are younger, I stuttered when I was younger, and I seen all the good in the world, so common sense wasn’t always my strong suit. But, I loved that people pointed out what was wrong with me. So, I can decide to keep it or change it. If they wanted to change something I liked about myself, I changed them. If it was something I didn’t like, I changed it and pulled the person in closer. Either way, I learned to appreciate honesty. What did you do with your tears? And how do you deal with your inner issues?

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      1. Big lips are always cool lol. But I’m just the type of person that was always interested in the difference between people, not what made them all the same. Aww stuttering is cute. But I get why people may make fun of that, but it always breaks my heart when people are made fun of for things they can’t help. It really affects me when I see that. I’m Sorry you Went through that. But it looks like it made you stronger for it. Yikes. My inner issues, I’ve always paid attention to myself. What I don’t like about myself I change …what I like I keep. And if I didn’t like it in others, I made sure I wasn’t like that. But for the m ost part… outside of that, I just stuffed it all inside… chose not to deal with it. Put a brave face on and maybe even tried to turn it into comedy. And never allowed myself to cry. But I’ve learned the hard way that if I let myself feel it …then i grow so much from it. So now I am slowly allowing myself to feel things. And cry…even though I hate crying. I’m still learning this step…


      2. I did grow from it all. I cried at times but I had the type of mother that comsoled me but prepared me for the next time. She didn’t allow me to feel sorry for myself and I appreciate that.

        Well, it’s great that you adapted that mentality. Change what don’t want, keep what you want, and change what you don’t like in others in you or work not to acquire the things you don’t like in others.


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