I will not enter a relationship with a woman that doesn’t think she’s worthy of me. I will not be with someone who doesn’t believe I am worthy of them. Out of billions, we crossed the same destination, at the same time and decided to commit to one another. It may have been physically, mentally, or spiritually; it must have been all of the above, because I would never settle for less. Maybe you’re not as attractive as planned; maybe you’re not as intelligent as I would have liked, but I know you have to be the perfect spiritual being because my word means I have faith in you. I’ve seen millions of women in my lifetime and flirted with possibilities, but I wasn’t absolute until this moment. The world is going to tell you everything that you aren’t, but I will remind you of everything you are. We will have trials, but we’ll be acquitted. We’ll encounter tribulations, but we’ll find the solution. I don’t expect the road not to be rocky; I just expect to have the right tires to drive over them. We’re built to last past the past, into the present, and way beyond the future. We are going to make history until we are history. “I Love you” is the beginning of the end; the beginning of depending on you and you on me; the end of the search for independence. We are free. I am not a push over, nor will I attempt to get over. I will share my thoughts and give you my heart and all I ask is the same in return!!!!

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