People invest in the fault of man more than the progression of mankind. We honor our HEROES just to be frightened by the strength that earned them that title. Every man can be faulty; yet, the same principles apply to their success; what they show should be their account, not banking on them stumbling when they have always stood up straight. It’s that a mentality that prepares us for the future, or reassures us, we were never happy in our past? We clinch a balled fist before we extend an open hand, and we fight when it’s necessary to hug; the devil is ALIVE, and we provide its air supply. Let’s suck the life out of the devil’s system, so that the only way it can get back in, is by reforming, making a commitment to Love and serve under God, allowing us to truly see what “Forgiveness” is. Let’s invest in the progression of our race, not sit back and watch it being erased!!!!


12 thoughts on “Problems Within

  1. I am the perpetrator here that youre talking about. All i can really say is, its about feeling less and threatened. You made a great point about heroes being great people with intention to help, which is why we praise them…. but we also cant control them, and with that in mind, control or lack thereof causes a MESS! Thank you for the read. If I read this everyday, Id have a higher chance at changing my lerspective


  2. Very motivating. But I think the first comment you ever left me was saying that you are not very religious. Has this changed? Now, I understand you’re not religious but you have faith. But, the post you commented on when you said that was my post about God’s way of saying he loves me. Which was not a religious post at all. So I was just wondering if that’s what you meant by not being religious…is just being a man of faith or the opposite. I don’t know if I am making sense. But I was wondering. But this post is so true. And the more positive we are and the more love we give… the bigger targets we are for the devil to attack us. Most people , myself included , have given in to the temptations of the world. But… if we just remain strong..we could defeat all that bad crap constantly showing up at the most opportuned times.


    1. I believe that post mentioned “God”, connected to “Jesus”. When Jesus is introduced, it becomes religious. I believe in a high power, a “God”, I believe in Love and that’s the way to see God on earth. I don’t truly remember that far back, so if I jump the gun, I am sorry, but I know myself well enough to know I needed a connection to believe it was a religious post.

      I spoke to my editor yesterday and he was saying the word “Brash” scares people. I told him, did they just forget about the “Amazingly” part. I force people to accept me and I encourage others to do the same. I might not like the real you but give me that choice. I believe in true choice. So, that takes healing the problems within. The negativity. I see the best in people, that’s why I challenge them to bring it out. You and I clashed, but now I see more of you in your post and it was worth it. I am the good guy, but I am cast the bad guy because I bluntly tell people what’s wrong, but I also tell them bluntly what is right. Once we are on the same page, I soften. Whether they pulled me closer to them or I them, as long as we see eye to eye. It’s harmonious. “I am convicted in my convictions until I am convinced my convicts are wrong, then I am convicted in my new convictions”….

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      1. Oh ok that makes sense. I may or may not have said jesus. I am not sure. The part I like about your honesty is that …we could disagree …and that’s ok with you. Because I may not always agree with you but …that’s ok with me. We may be different but we also have similar qualities. It’s nice. And I really like that last quote. I’ve really enjoyed talking to you..even when we clash. I’m not afraid to clash with you but I enjoy it when we don’t lol


      2. See with me it isn’t the comfort of disagree but working to understand one another. I always want to come to a common ground so we can walk together. I enjoy speaking with you because you are unafraid to reflect. I am wiser but you bring things to the discussion that helps me refine my prospective. You reassure my belief in mankind a little more. So, I am happy we crossed paths.

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      3. me too ;] . really. I would say the same about you, I feel strongly about the things I feel anything for.. but you bring a different prospective on each thing, and.. Id never heard anything explained/expressed that way before. So I am enjoying it. its…very different lol


      4. Well Good morning, see we agree yet again. The world is still going round, but we are walking a straight line. We met for a reason, maybe a season, maybe for us to believe in; something greater than distance, the comfort of openness. Nothing, just happens, we must explore purpose to fill in the blanks. It will be a journey, let’s hope we don’t get tired.

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      5. See? You even say good morning in a poetic way. Who does that? Lol. You were definitely born for that. Good morning 🙂 sleep well?


      6. Why so late??? Well honestly I remember nodding out and it was still light outside. I discovered that there is monopoly for the ps4….. so I’ve been playing monopoly nonstop. And I think I passed out during my game lol. I ended up staggering to bed eventually. I’m a morning person… but very rarely do I make it at night


      7. Omg it wouldn’t let me reply for the past hour on that other one. I tried on this one and it finally went through.


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