The elevator doors open, bullets begin to rain. Blood pouring to the floor, wrong place wrong time- right time to hope you’re going to the right place. Look back on your life, did you deserve every slug; was it a bullet you dodged in your past coming back to claim your future? Grasping for air, you’re not ready to go, but you’re going to have to be ready. The ambulance is moving in slow motion. Your life was turned around, but it came back full circle. Murdered by your younger self, every body came back to visit and took you with them. Thought you were off the hook, but you had to know someone was eventually going to fish. The gun is unknown but looks so familiar. The world was looking up until you were gunned down. No warning, no sign; just a sigh from being wounded. You’re reaching for the wall with blood filled hands, but your too weak to extend. Death is right around the corner and your trying you’re hardest to go left. Family faces bring tears to your eyes, but you refuse to close them, allowing the tears to run down your cheeks. You paid all your debts but owed your life. The slowing rhythm of your heart is luring you to sleep; fighting Death with your will, but he isn’t willing to gain you a second. You plead with God for a second chance, but with your last breath, realized you were granted that when you changed for the better you’re just being called!!!!

6 thoughts on “Karma

    1. It’s the mentality of the streets. As we age, we believe we are out of the dangers of our past. But we are not. We will get paid back for all our wrongs. So, I used this a way to paint a written picture of karma. I wanted to show the process of changing you life because it’s the right thing to do, not to live longer.


      1. You definitely got your point across but it was so intense it almost felt like you knew what it was like to die. Which means your imagination was super vivid and you pondered that for a long time and on a lot of depth


      2. I have been shot at, had a gun put to my head and trigger jam, nearly stabbed up a few times. I have watched friends die, people killed, the nicest people turn into the most dangerous. I know death. It’s nice to see that you connected with the piece. That you were able to picture and feel the moment. Words are beautiful, they can be used to express, draw, feel, hold, and you can sometimes even taste them. I Love words, I Love connecting with the right people, I Love life. So, death is easy to depict. It’s depicting real living that’s the problem.

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      3. Wow … I have no idea what that feels like, I’m sorry you went through that. But yes, I definitely connected


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