The information age has caused children to age faster than they can digest information. Parents, we need to read what our children read, know what our children know, because our children will need clarity; shit, some children can provide clarity. We need to build a relationship with our children, where their thoughts are the topic of discussion. The cracks are expanding and there are more children slipping through them. Advise your children so they can advise their friends. Give your child the advantage of being the good company that other parents want their child in. Don’t let your child walk out of the house on a different page; y`all should be on the same page. Be the parent that you want your children’s friends parents to be. Someone that understands “the village” needs to expand from door to door, block to block, county to county. We need to educate our children because they are informed!!!!

4 thoughts on “Educating the Informed

      1. I agree! I see my kids growing up to be great adults and I am so proud of them. I know I did something right!
        Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re doing the right thing, but you keep pushing them to be their best selves, even if it means tears, anger, defiance – you shape them, mold them and then smile when you see them growing up to be great people! I am one proud mother! 🙂

        Yes, definitely love that pic! 🙂


      2. Great mothers set the foundation for their children. Even if it means being the “bad guy”. Raising children is a blessing and I am glad are good adults and sure you are grateful they are. I am present every day, I am there to teach and to have fun. I Love my God Daughter, she is a blessing in my life. She keeps me grounded and focused on the future. I Love that pic and Love my life….thanks for read and taking the time to comment.

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