There are two forms of influence- good and bad. Our society continues to misconstrue bad influence as good. Someone that is a bad influence is more understanding and accepting of every shortcoming. They’re in the business of building fancy looking buildings on unstable foundations. They will say things like, “People aren’t perfect” and “It’s human nature to sin.” Now, the good influential people are being painted as judgmental and know it all’s because they won’t allow you to come up short, expecting you to strive for perfection. They won’t allow a person to settle for a life of mistakes when they can live in the success of correcting them. Anyone with standards will ask you to stand side by side with them before y’all can walk together. Those whom lack standards will walk with anyone, illustrating the illusion of acceptance, but lacking the dedication to care if you’re truly accepting yourself. Good influences will see a person’s potential and be willing to give them their arm to reach it, while bad influences will use the person’s arm to reach their own potential!!!!

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