I am being smothered by doubt. Everyone is trying to be someone, but only few are truly trying to unite anyone. We focus on what can’t happen more than what is happening. We are focused on what is happening more than what can happen. How much longer are we going to maximize fear? There is a continued push to show what’s wrong, in hopes people will do right; why don’t we show the benefits of people doing right to hopefully keep them from doing wrong? One step towards progression is a start; two gratifying, and third will be habit. We all are capable but we pretend to be disabled. If my last breath is one of fresh air, than it was worth dying for; if I can make several addicts of Love, than I can be hated. We are at our best when working for what’s best. We can protect our homes, but the neighborhood is still in danger; we can protect the neighborhood and our homes will be protected. When we look out for others, we encourage them to help another. We are architects of a mentality, building a world that is constructed in Love; that may mean breaking down what is standing to reconstruct the standard!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

12 thoughts on “Cultivating A Culture

      1. We live in a society that magnifies fear, crime and all sorts of negativity and it’s pushed down our throats just because it makes news and it makes big money… People want to do better but are paralyzed by fear and the most leaders of today are concerned with them selves and how to feed their greed than how to move forward and create a society that thrives… It is very disappointing… but as long as I live I will move forward and look up to that light and if I can open the eyes of one person I have started a chain reaction. That’s how I see it!


      2. Now, we are talking. We embrace the fear because we are too lazy to be courageous. The media are just appealing to the masses. If we stop being fascinated by certain things than we dedicate what the media shows. We are responsible because we have all the power. But, we put that power in the hands of others and want to dedicate what they do with it. Not all our leaders are greedy, just the ones the media destroy. On a side note, I believe leaders has should be wealthy….but that’s a different debate for another day. I do believe while in leadership, they should create a better system.

        I think it is important to continue the push….I do think people need to agree on “what’s right” before we can progress and as long as we are still debating in the gray. We will be stifled. I Love when you have passionate comments. I need to see that fire more often.


      3. People who live for God are confident and fearless, they have faith and the vision and people who live for the world are scared because they always think what will the world say, they are concerned about image…

        I used to be insecure and scared, but my faith has changed all that and also a few people I met along the way. I see the world and myself in a whole new light now and each day I start with a positive attitude! Oxygen flowing – fire burning! 🙂


      4. Welcome to the club….hates me on earth Love me in death. I Love to see people truly believing. We have different faiths, but I Love when faith gives someone strength. I have a strong faith in God, but I know to build this world it will take people. So, we must influence them and have the power to change habits, so our children can have a better place to live in.

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      5. Faith maybe different, but there is only One God, who created you, I and the rest of the world. There is only One Truth, One Love, If people could only see that…


      6. You are right, their is one God but many religious faiths that claim the road to God is paved through their beliefs. I believe if you understand Love and live in that understanding, God will live in you. “Love is my religion” and its my claim to this world and beyond. I see it clearly and believe everyone else see it but they believe they can’t maintain the dedication nor the devotion, so they attach themselves to faiths that allow them to just be human….as opposed to unity as humanity.

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      7. The reality of this world is that there are many religions and many beliefs, and it all depends in which part of the world one lives, what are religious beliefs of their family and their ancestors, so that’s usually what a person follows. In my faith we are told to Love One Another and that’s how I live my live. Regardless of what’s your belief, what’s the color of your skin, your gender or sexual preference my only job is to love you and I do it gladly. Anything can be conquered by Love, any fear, hate, negativity, doubt dissipates in the presence of Love. And Yes, when you invite Love into your heart, Love will make there a permanent place and stay, and it’s the only thing that will cross over together with you when it’s time leave this world.


      8. What is Love? People use terms, but don’t truly understand their meaning. They say they believe in God, but lack the devotion and blame it on being human. I asked a woman, “who would most women dates first, a Drug dealer or a preacher?” She said she would date the preacher but most women will date the drug dealer. Who do people think is more down to earth, a person that accepts flaw or a person who ask you to change that flaw into a positive attribute? How can a person believe in something they do strive to honor? So, I don’t Love everyone, but I want to Love everything. That’s why I write and speak to create a world I can Love blindly. I want God on earth….


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