He said, she said, who said what? We can pretend to look the other way, but we have ears on both sides. We could leave the room, but “word of mouth” travels faster than any human’s ability to walk. So we sit and listen…. sucked in by every syllable, swallowed by each word; digesting the controversy, but half of it is lost in the toilet. By the time you burp it back up there’s just a scent of what was actually ingested. Gossip is a story half told- a truth that has been embellished, or vengeance from the opinion of an emotion. It’s the soap opera of life and it’s the reason why soap operas have life. We watch and talk about everyone’s life to entertain ours, lacking the compassion to be passionate; the more tears, the more to talk about; the more fighting, and the healthier the feedback. We’re drawn to hate being dramatized, playing the critics and adding what we would or wouldn’t have done; suffocated by all the information, smothered by all the pain, but revived by the idea that it will continue. Word of mouth is good, but not when it takes words out of others mouths. We gossip because we have nothing better to do; we gossip because we want to feel better than you!!!!

2 thoughts on “We Sip Gossip

  1. This should literally be posted somewhere where there are social gatherings or groups… I would even say a progressive job site. Interesting yet intellectual way to break down what gossip is and the process of it all. By the end it also makes you wonder why the hell youre/people are attracted to it!!!!


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