I am absent, missing the will to be willing. I force my body out of bed with all the strength I used to use to exercise. Looking in the mirror at a reflection I don’t recognize, I am weak. Always on top, never fathomed hitting the bottom; my faith is being tested. Can’t cry, yet can’t laugh; I am confused. Unhappy with my state of being, but refuse to pack my bags and move; I am stifled. My mentality is mentally ill; the cure is in progress. I take a deep breath, holding it until I feel like fainting, then I exhale, understanding that hell isn’t for me. I see life and the possibilities in change; I am in control. I am ready; ready to dig myself out of this hole to be whole, using my strength to exercise my way towards happiness and allowing people to assist me in my joy; I am opening my heart. Tearing down every wall that prevents me from living, I am unafraid. I believe that Love ignites my flame with several matches, whether it be friendships, partnerships, or purpose. I have renewed faith, I was born as an example of hope; I am hopeful…. I am alive!

6 thoughts on “I AM Alive

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsI am taking a trip down through the archives of some of my favs. Don’t know if I knew this about you. But I think that us writers have a touch of depression in all of us. I think that is why our words can touch others that need to know they are not alone. My whole theme and platform of why we write. I hope TODAY two years later you are in a better place but I sooo GET it!


  2. Definitely inspiring. The mentality of this state is detailed so well. You went upwards. All people struggle in some form or fashion and we are made to survive. We all have the ability, but we lose faith in thay. You didnt just survive here, you conquered. Great piece.


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