I am sitting here watching Dr. Phil’s “Inside the mind of a mistress”….
These mistresses are being blamed for breaking a home that they didn’t build. They are being questioned about accepting an opportunity that was given to them by a man that’s supposed to honor his commitment. These women have been deceived by the same men these wives aren’t leaving, yet the “heart involved mistresses” are expected to do what the wives are having the hardest time doing. We debate if it’s easier to leave after ten years or one when everything is still fresh? The answers vary, but either way, both people feel vested, territorial, and don’t want to be the one to leave. People will say the wife was there first so the mistress should walk; others say, the wife should allow him to see if the grass is truly greener and she should walk; but the correct answer is they both should walk if it’s about integrity, self-worth, or the sanctity of Love. Is it about those things? No….It’s about volleying the blame from one woman to the other. “You shouldn’t date a married man;” “If she was taking care of her husband he wouldn’t be in my bed;” “You are low if you must break up a happy home,” “If your home was happy I couldn’t be here to break it.” Isn’t there something wrong with that picture? Isn’t someone missing? The man. Women make it so easy. They fight for us instead of fighting to leave us, blaming women that fell into the same trap as the women that came before them. Yes, we are stressed when we get caught, but with no court we aren’t guilty.  We will continue as long as there are women who continue blaming the women over the man. Everyone wants Love, so when the pseudo Love is given to the uneducated, they believe….

Who’s at fault????

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