Is it me, or is this “Everyone has their own opinion” thing getting out of hand?! What opinions are ours?  What have we truly not inherited from the world in some form or fashion?  What is education if we can eliminate fact or deducted reasoning once it goes against our wants?
Yesterday I asked a co-worker of mine why he didn’t attend a union meeting (we are re-negotiating a contract). His answer was that he had to go to the gym (mind you, he agreed to go to the meeting 6 days before). He went on to say he missed the gym Sunday because of his God-Daughter’s Christening and missed the gym Monday for an undisclosed important reason; the meeting was on Tuesday but he needed to go to the gym. I said, “The gym isn’t more important than us fighting for our contract for future stability.” He said, “That is my opinion”…. I said, “So that isn’t universal prioritizing, it’s something I made up and formed as an opinion?” He said, “We just have a difference of opinion about that”…. Long story short, I asked him, “Is it not a fact that if everyone thought like you nobody would have been there, but if everyone thought like me everyone would have been there?” Still waiting for the answer…. When someone challenges your view, is it productive to make the statement “It’s my opinion”????


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