When your eyes close tonight, allow your minds to be open, thoughts to be productive, and ideas of tomorrow to be positive. Forgive your heart for Loving someone that doesn’t Love you back, forget that you failed by believing you will succeed, and stop just surviving. Live. Look in the mirror before the Sandman wins, and say “I am someone connected to everyone’s ability to be ONE.” You can close your eyes now!!!!

6 thoughts on “Good Night

  1. What a way to go to sleep! And then to rerrad in the morning is just as good vecause it makes you want to be mindul about what i will be thinking about at night, lol. Its like we have the ability to erase and rewrite literally annnnd the thing is, we do! And this reminds us clearly of that ability. Nice words.


  2. Night night ;] even though its morning lol. I love the whole going to bed with a positive mind idea. I always try to wake up in a positive world, but going to bed in one never clicked in my head lol . OF COURSE! thats the ticket! why didnt I think of that? Hope you had a good nights sleep!


    1. Yes, set your mind on positivity at night and you will always look forward to life in the morning. Set goals, and you will look forward to using life to accomplish them. It’s all about mindset. How we approach the world!

      That’s why I am here to think about things you didn’t. I had a great sleep and I am ready for life. The challenges in front of me will be overcome….how did you sleep? And what have you been up to? Haven’t been around lately….

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      1. I slept well. I’ve been just so busy and tired. It seems like I had to do something every day for the past two weeks after work and the days I didnt, I fell asleep. The other day I fell asleep at 7pm. Not enough time in the day sometimes lol. How about you? What have you been up to?


      2. Well “busy” doesn’t wait for anybody. I hope it was that type of busy, that was productive not just stressful. Sleep is always good when you are lacking. But I think you are just getting old, old lady….

        I have been working on the rewrite of my book. The editor gave me a lot of feedback. I have been working and enjoy my life outside of work. Having great discussions, spending time with the people I Love, and helping people I don’t really know but needs a hand. Overall, I have been great….I maintain all that is great and change what isn’t.

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