I write to simplify life for people which deem it so difficult. I write to challenge people to think about the daily issues they run away from, instead of tackling. I write to share my thoughts to encourage others to have the courage to share theirs. I write to educate others about the things I am educated on. I write because it feels right. I write because anything else would be wrong. I write to strengthen the trees so we can continue to breathe. I write because we are dying and I want to see people live. I write because I write. I write to document history. I write to live forever. I write because I don’t read; I write because I want to be read, exposed fully. I write to show might, to excite, to illustrate greater heights. I write because it’s the expression of a gift given by God. I write because it’s my purpose to rewrite pain to Love. That’s why I write!!!!

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