People should think early in the morning….

A Christian and a Muslim are sitting at a table discussing what religious faith would enhance this world and bring us closer to the next. Just as it becomes a  passionate debate, one of them say, “We may just have to agree to disagree” and attempts to leave the table. The other one says, “Too many people are agreeing to disagree these days, that’s why we are in the state we are in; there must be a common ground.”  Then, asks the other person to sit back down.

Who would you say is trying to control who?
What sex did you think each character were if any?
People should believe what they want, but does it bring us closer together?

Someone should start the conversation toward common ground….

2 thoughts on “Think?!

  1. I pictured 2 men. Based on my experience, Ive only seen men fully discuss religion. A part of that is seeing muslim women as quiet, not the one to speak on the matter. I believe this is ignorant on my part. Maybe its not about place but about more accepting, less principle driven. Not sure.

    I agree that we cant always agree to disagree. Actually we should do this rarely. There is commonality between all religions. But for one to outbeat another, is possible but id think thats where belief is what is hard to break, so to say- even if one person can articulate their point better.


    1. That is honest….two men are typically engaging in this discussion. Why aren’t more women? It may not be ignorance on your part, as much as a great observation and a keen understanding of society. I used religion because it’s taboo, “You shouldn’t force your views on others”! But we do need to find the common push to experience peace. That starts with having the discussion in its entity.


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