Love is saying,

I trust you with my life, I can close my eyes and know you will encourage me to dream. It’s understood that you will never put your wants ahead of my needs and vice versa. It’s nursing every wound, challenging me to be at my best daily, it’s debate until we come to a common ground, it’s devoting life, dedicating time, staying loyal to commitments, and honest to a fault. It’s saying I am no longer separate, because I am a couple. That’s the romantic Love!!!!



3 thoughts on “Love is Saying

  1. I agree!! I feel like I rally for love and for people to love each other lol. I’ve always been like that…. Getting so excited when I see love present. It is something I feel is missing in this world. People have such a misinterpreted definition of love. Its sad. Thanks for writing about it 🙂


    1. Thanks for commenting,
      You have been my consistent buddy on here and I Love your commitment to expressing your views. You know Love is my faith, so I will always write about it. I will always challenge people to know it, as I know it. Love heals this world, but it will start by acknowledging its presence.

      Side note,
      I have not been blogging every day because I am in the process of rewrites for my book. I was rude awakened by my editor. So, it times to reach for greatness.


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