We risk more for security than we do for certainty. We risk more for comfort than we do Love. We risk more to stay alive than to live. We risk nothing, and think we will get something in return. We risk everything on nothing, thinking we will one day get a return. We risk God, hiding behind worship. We risk relationships to prove we are independent. We risk sanity just to acquire financial gain. We risk our “haves” for wants, and at the end we aren’t risking, we are dying, suffocating ourselves in fear!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

One thought on “What Are We Afraid Of????

  1. Strong strong, very strong piece. Resignating, making me reflect on my life and making sure I am where i want to be and why i am here. In life, in all areas, we do exactly that, stay comfortable, when we really want more. But its so important to understand the balance and the benefits to odds that outcome will achieve. We have to choose wisely, making sure we arent moving just because of that fear every change requires. Great post


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