I left my house with more than enough time to make it to work on time. I get to the train station the exact time the train is arriving; it’s going to be a great day. I hop on the local train to my destination; three stops later I see the express train across the platform.  I get off the local and rush to catch the express (to get to work earlier). I find a great seat on the express, but the train is just sitting there. The local train pulls off, and that quickly, my fate changes. The express is stalled at the station for 15 minutes. We move, two stops later, the conductor announces, “Last stop;” teeth are sucking; heads are shaking, disappointment on everyone’s face. I walk across the platform. I am back to where I started (waiting for the local train). The train comes fairly quick; things are looking brighter. I get on the train, get a seat of my choice, and I am relaxed. Two stops later the train stalls again (for ten minutes), late for work. I settle into the understanding that one turn off the path – can change our fate, but our faith should never whither.  My day will get better because I am always looking up until I reach my destination, then I look straight ahead. Enjoy your day and remain optimistic!!!!

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