Why should I be saddened by your pain when your mentality is sad? You cost yourself happiness because you’re too stubborn to change. You cry out, but the tears will outlast the help. No one can save you from shooting yourself, unless they cut your arms off. Your suicidal malfunctions have people worried around the clock; it is time for you to be worried about others. Your life can increase in value, if you start truly cleaning it up. Begin by sweeping away the thoughts of a changed past, and focus on using the present to shine in the future. Dust yourself off; no more pity by committee; think accomplishment, and you will be accomplished!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

One thought on “Get Out Of Your Own Way

  1. Great read to start my day. I see why people say “people dont change”. Habitual behaviors are like a disease. But knowledge is is powerful and so is will. The question behind it all is, how much do you want it? It is easy to stay in a “bad” place because change takes effort, the negative mentality dont have energy for. The spirit behind it all is a level of will….


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