She dreamt of a miracle, and went searching for it in the arms of a man. A gift was left; she discovered it once her blood didn’t flow. First feeling was excitement, believing that he would feel the same. As she brought the news to him, she seen a “for sale” sign on his face; her excitement instantly turned to disappointment. An ultimatum was given; me or it? She chose to throw away the gift to keep Santa; she didn’t know the miracle was opening the gift!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

One thought on “Me or It….

  1. Clever. So many different people experience the inability to have children, mostly unexpected. It could be me too but i am thankful ive never been in a situation where i had to choose between keeping ir aborting a child, because regardless if i can have children or not, thats one thing i dont have to regret


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