Everything that works has a structure, yet we fight and disregard the instructions; wanting to create our own rules that don’t measure up. “We are all created equal”, that equality should come with quality; quality air, food, water; quality of life. We tend to listen, but only few take the time to learn. We say we are living but so many are unhappy, walking paths that begin with fun but lead to misery. Do we want to smile or laugh? We prefer to sip when we can quench our thirst. Let’s embrace the regulations. Let’s stop promoting chaos by refusing to conform to order. Everything worth having has structure: relationships, careers, education- why not have faith in the uniform and see if it fits. Follow each process step by step to see how far it will take you. If heights are what you fear, then you can stay on the surface and allow gravity to be your excuse. When you’re ready to witness the view from the top, the elevator is broken so, you will have to take the steps to get there!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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