It’s ok to wait for her….

If your heart is still there, don’t involve anybody else.
She may be the love of your life and as long as your heart feels that way, save it for her.
I don’t know the details of y’all relationship, but I do know it’s hard for someone new to enter a heart that belongs to someone else.
Homeboy, I have been In-Love and it takes first being able to see a life without them before having a life without them What are the reason/s the distance was created? If it wasn’t morally crippling then y’all may have a chance wait until she evaporates from your heart, only leaving the residue of her memory!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

5 thoughts on “Wait For Her

  1. True indeed. The title reminded me of tracy chapmans song, “if you wait for me”. I used to think to continue to surround yourself from the person you love that you cant have is not worth the pain, or to keep looking at pictures or keep everything the same with things they write you hanging on your wall, but i know that it does help. Sunshine does come after the thunder. And it wears down the glimmer, one would have if they avoided the person all around. I know this is a lil side topic but it just reminded how if we are moving on whether we have to or not, a change in perspective on how to do that.


      1. Well. This post made complete sense.
        Yes. It isnt that easy to let someone else take that position in your heart which was ruled by the person you love…and one doesnt have to force love upon themselves.
        Its easier to wait than to let go completely. Its wierd…like how even the pain of letting go hurts.


      2. Yes, we need to understand why we are letting go before we start again. If we bring someone else into the equation, and the other person returns, we may leave the new person to be with the old; leaving another person broken. That is why so many people are broken because they move on too soon or carry hurt and it hurts others.

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