Is it Woman’s rights Or is this man right?

I enter a “get together”- music’s mellow, everybody’s surprised I came out. One woman I know started to mess with me, talking about “Why y’all stressing him, you can’t ever see his penis through his sweats”(inside joke). So I responded, “You are cute, nice complexion, but you sure you’re black with that ironing board for a butt.” She started laughing and snapping some more. Let’s say I was getting the better of her, but she figured I would because we do this regularly. An afro-centric women, I barely know started saying, “Why are downplaying this woman? I just wrote an article about a woman that committed suicide because she was being teased.” So, I am assuming she is a writer. I let her finish, then looked at her and said, “First off, she started when I walked in, but you didn’t acknowledge that. Second, you are assuming her self-worth is so low that she would take her life based on my views of her. Lastly, why do you believe she needed your assistance? Aren’t we equals? Isn’t it one person vs one person? You were the one being unfair by trying to make it two….you just set the women’s movement back a few years by opening your mouth. Her friends looked at her, as to say, you messed with the wrong one. Me and the woman I knew started to dance, continued to laugh, and enjoyed the “get together” ….

People will always search for a “cause”!!!!

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