This Is “My Story”….


I am not going to waste my ink trying to enlighten a room full of people who are unknown to who I am; black complexioned, big lipped, brown eyes, 6’1 man from Spanish Harlem. Birthed to a black 5 ft” 20 year old woman with a two-year old son, and a father that spoke the truth to save the neighborhood, yet brought lies home. He was a man who would only live to see one son turn six, and the other four; watching their mother have another son born from another man because his hands and penis reflected an ego that offset the family’s first motto. This new man will go on to produce another son, which means four boys and three brothers. I, a young boy, full of violence (because of lack of expression), turned vengeful. When my voice started to build bass, words built a crew of fifty Black and Spanish nightmares that were full of steam and crime. Once school became important, the damage was left to be rebuilt. The restoration of the neighborhood started with the restoration of my heart. Love saved my mind, body, and soul; a preacher was formed with the delivery of a man who was so blunt his words made others infants. Once Love was oxygen, it was spoken into carbon dioxide to make all the seeds grow around him. Now purpose is reality, and death will mean my destiny was fulfilled!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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