A Man Looking for His Forever

When you know what you want, you have more you don’t want. That woman with the afro and black power beads, she is so attractive, but she won’t reflect my ideas because I am pro-human. We will both spend our lives changing one another. That woman that just walked through the door half naked, great to look at. Nice body – guess the sin is not flaunting it. But I am not going to want to share every inch of her body with the rest of the world. I don’t want to stifle her expression and we know I wouldn’t remain mute, next. Awwww, she is so adorable, but she is 30+. She can’t help that she looks so young, but I Love the look of maturity- a face that has developed the sensuality of a woman who has explored life without giving her body to every experience. Every woman I pass, it’s like window shopping, with just enough money to buy the perfect, fitting, outfit. Morality won’t allow me to try them all on, so I’m encouraged to trust my judgment-finding someone I can be convicted with. Almost home; another day with nothing to show for it, but tomorrow continues to be a faith. I know what I want!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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