Will You Trust Me????

Will you give me a year of your life? Truly trusting another human being to strengthen the humanity in you? Surrendering to the idea that another person can challenge greatness in you? Honestly devoting every waking day to constructing a mirror image of what you look in the mirror and imagine? Would you be able to let go and trust the process? Speaking about every fear, then investing in facing them? Would you open up to the possibility of “peace” by connecting your mind to your heart? Dedicating hours to explore emotions and placing them in their proper place? Smiling when something delights you, frowning when someone disgusts you, and being present when enjoying someone’s presence? Understanding yourself to the point that you can start to empathize with those around you? Do you believe that someone can endure all your demons? Listening to the ideas that swim around in your head but remaining sure ya’ll can bring them to shore? Can you sit on the passenger side, lesson after lesson until you are able to drive? Will you give me a year of your life to enhance the days you have left???? ~AmazinglyBrash~

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