Be A Presence….

A strong presence is met with resistance. People gravitate to the flow over the know. Wisdom comes off as arrogant. It sees steps before they are walked, wars before they are fought, and dreams before they become reality. A strong presence is met with resistance, yet it persists- entering rooms, the center, because they demand everyone’s attention. Their strength weakens the crowd- the crowd’s stomachs buckle, so they’re forced to bow, and the stage is left with a witness of greatness. A strong presence is met with resistance, yet they can’t resist, only respect it!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

9 thoughts on “Be A Presence….

    1. Yes, yes, strength scares people because they are scared if it turns negative they will crush everyone. But, “true Love” doesn’t turn negative and people that have our best intentions, won’t lead us in the wrong direction. People try to control everything but we must surrender, because we don’t have all the pieces, but a group can….I lose people all the time because they try to steal my strength but I just search for stronger people to be around.

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      1. I understand that. I lose people myself, because I’m constantly growing, and I’m not attempting to keep people who don’t want to grow with me. I’ve worked too hard, and come too far to have people who will keep me held back in a negative direction. So this post, I can most certainly relate to.


      2. See the period of life is to find something worth maintaining. People believe change is the key but when you find stability, it’s about maintaining that stability. Life will try to change it. Food for thought

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      3. I’m starting to see that too. Before when I blogged I was all about changing the way people saw things, and making people smile. But what I didn’t realize was, that I needed to be able to smile first before I could make anyone else do so. In my own stability, I could do more than before. Right now, my blog is about finding my own personal happiness, and hopefully within that, I can help others do the same. I’ll still be posting the happy things, and helping others, but I’m helping myself too now.

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      4. While blogging about changing the world, you learn things about yourself. It’s apart of the process, I will check out your blog, comment, but you must be ready to answer tough questions and not take being challenged as a personal attack. I tend to get people attention but once we start building a relationship the lose focus of who I am “AmazinglyBrash”. I want to change people perspective and allow them to see that being vulnerable is a gift, honest expression builds the best relationships, and growth is only needed when we haven’t bloomed but once we have it’s about keeping our petals healthy.

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      5. I don’t mind tough questions, I’m used to them. Brash? I’m brutally honest, so I would be hypocritical if I didn’t want it back, right? I feel I’m okay with it, and if I’m not at that moment, I’ll simply walk away and ponder on it until I am. Easy as that.

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      6. I like you already, yes, it would be hypothetical. I Love straight lines because what you see is what you get. And when I walk them, they lead straight to my destination. We should have a fun experience….

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