Drank His Future Away….

He sipped on the intoxication of his cup. Placed it down on the table, looked her in the eyes, and said “I Love You.” She said, “If you Love me, your lips wouldn’t taste like alcohol. I would taste the passion of a dedicated husband. Instead, you fill your body with an escape. What are you running from? If your I Love You’s meant something, you’d be standing still.” He swallowed the last of his drink, slammed it on the table, and poured another glass. She stood up, legs cracking, heart broken; realizing she could never quench his thrist. She never looked back!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

2 thoughts on “Drank His Future Away….

    1. It’s sad, we live in a society that asks us to stay in sickness and in health, but they forget to tell us to walk away, when it’s a sickness someone created themselves. Why should we have to commit suicide with someone that lost track of the blessing of life? I am glad this resonated with you and hope it can reach others.

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