Happy New Year, Vulnerability Should Be Enough

I allow my shortcomings to be visual. I stutter when I read and speak aloud. I write so fast, that I miss words, misspell, or miss suffixes and prefixes. I correct my mistakes openly, but there is still doubt about my intentions to improve. I apologize for misspeaking, misstepping, and mishearing, yet I am still misunderstood. I allow my dreams of transparency and Love be known, yet I am being asked to keep secrets and hated by most encounters. They ask me to change my approach to fit a broken society. I’m antisocial because I prefer to be genuine as oppose to nice, straightforward as  oppose to cordial, and blunt as  oppose to a weed. Positive Change will only occur through discomfort until true positivity is comfortable. I am afraid too, but I am more frightened to live life with no meaning….So I pursue purpose….

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Vulnerability Should Be Enough

    1. Yes, yes, why can’t we communicate our thoughts in an honest and open way. Why can’t we say exactly what’s on our minds if our intentions are genuine. Love starts with being able to accept each others truths because when that happens two hearts can bond for life.


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