Why risk losing your left hand when you are right handed? Two hands are better than one. Where your dominant hand leads,  your other hand assists, making every task easier. It’s the perfect relationship. We are given clues all the time about how to build healthy partnerships, but we ignore those clues to remain clueless. We want to experiment instead of truly experiencing. We want to guess as opposed to know. Our mentalities tell us the unknown is what romance is all about, and that stability is boring and too predictable; yet, we commit to one person hoping that they will be stable, honest, and truthful which all take predictability. Drama never bores, but it hurts and causes more harm than good, endlessly falling,  never feeling the ground again. We all truly want to believe that we have somewhere we can land, but we are too busy dreaming about flying when we are walking hand and hand with the perfect rights to our lefts. So, instead of taking flight alone looking down on regret, focus on how great it feels to have a co-pilot!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

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