Think Whole not Singular


It’s your life…. or is it? Your body left bloody on the pavement because you chose to live day to day. Mother unaware, children playing in the living room, wife home folding clothes to put away, ignorant to the fact that you aren’t coming home.
It’s your life….
Hitting the club with your friends, you get into a back and forth with another person, your friends telling you to walk away, but your ego doesn’t allow you to. They pull out a gun, miss you and hit the same friend that was asking you to walk away.
It’s your life….
You’re jumping from person to person- sharing your body, not giving one of them a choice. Lying to all of them, telling them they are all your partner; you contract HIV, and now they all have it because they believed you like they should.
This is your life…. but it isn’t, because we occupy this world with others and have the ability to change their circumstances. This life is ours, not just yours….don’t believe the hype.
Think collectively not independently….

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