It Rained For Three Days

It rained for three days; the death in her eyes, stopped my heart and wandered my mind. The wetness of those days haunts my footsteps. I stood still, frightened to fight for forgiveness- choosing regret, as opposed to humility. Water begins to absorb into my cheeks, feeling sorry for what I did-realizing I didn’t know how to apologize, telling my story, stealing pity from others who actually tried. People don’t see me, they see a portfolio of I, trapped in a moment in time where I chose to justify Love as an injustice, so I can feel just in hate. Feet moving forward, neck looking back- contradicting my faith with a sinful act; forever torn at the torso. It rained until I drowned in a river of selfishness. My last deep breath was strong enough to say “I’m Sorry”!!!! ~AmazinglyBrash~

5 thoughts on “It Rained For Three Days

    1. Yes, Yes, We are taught that we should be forgiven without putting forth effort. We must work toward redemption! I understand that forgiveness is more about heart and soul than reconciliation, but people take it for granted and forget to say sorry and show what being sorry takes….humility and fight!!!!

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