How I Fall, How You Fall….

When I fall In-Love, I see the attributes of a person that I can pour my heart into. I look at the qualities they have that will maintain my heart. I see the brightness of a future that will never dim, and I close my eyes and follow the feeling of that warmth because I know it will never burn me. I have faith that I put myself in the hands of someone that I know will reconfirm that I Love myself.

For You, the feeling is something you chase, connecting with anyone that makes your heart skip regardless if you are certain whether they will catch you if you jump. You wonder more than are certain, curious more than know, and want to be with someone whom you can repair more than is repaired. You believe Love is drama over a set of actions that allow you to sleep through the night, so you let go of the person you had to work with to go after the person you have to constantly work for…. ~AmazinglyBrash~

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