Sorrows are Temporary….

Rain is hitting the pavement as I look up, showering my soul with the purest water to wash away all the dirty feelings of pain. I open my mouth hoping a few drops will be enough to cleanse my heart of heartless thoughts. I cry, mixing my sorrow with the smiles of a new. I watch a plant grow from the concrete, realizing nothing can stop progression. I was promoted by a higher purpose to suck all the disbelief from others, replacing it with faith. Love pollutes my words to act as a reminder to remain positive in a storm that dampens plans to ride off in the sunset. It isn’t  dreaming when it could be produced; it isn’t hoping when it’s been done before. Head high, I slip on doubters, bracing my fall with my ability to comprise proof. Love is real…. ~AmazinglyBrash~ #DreamAwake

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