Sewing Two into One….

If you’re not ready to build our relationship from the ground up, don’t sign up for construction. I will ask a lot of questions, expecting more answers. I want to know everything about anything involving you. I want to understand you inside out, though I was attracted to you from outside in. I believe in the process of getting to know you, but you have to believe in getting to know me. This relationship won’t be one-sided where you’re looking into my eyes and only see yourself. A great relationship is composed of a rhythm that matches the beat. It’s the bravery to open our minds and trust in our heart. It’s much more than what we feel; it’s how we feel. It’s far beyond what we think; it’s how we execute those thoughts. We are no longer independent, we’re co-dependent. Love will test if we are willing; willing to ignore every distraction and continue to work. Work towards a generation that will be comprised of our dedication. We will be a dynasty driven by our destiny; we will show the world we were destined to be us.

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