Coloring and Molding

If my art crafts a world that can function in peace, then people can make billions off my words and I would still share the wealth. If my consistency is maintained and my faith is never broken, I will continue to persist as a constituent. My mind belongs to the world and my heart is devoted to the Heavens. Hell, my mind and heart is dedicated to making this world Heaven. The endless work of repairing can cause a person to break down, but the satisfaction of seeing someone repaired always builds me back up. I am educated enough to articulate my thoughts, and heartfelt enough to take action; I am a force to be reckoned with, yet I don’t use it recklessly. I enjoy seeing others truly live. I Love challenging people to live truthfully. Some believe it’s not my place, but I remind them I pay rent like everybody else. I will speak when others remain speechless. I will act while others continue to be actors. I just want to heal by killing killing. Remember, we are human beings, and survival takes being humane; so when my craft is reality, it will be a work of art!!!!

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