Setting Sail for Love

For years I have sailed the waters in search for land. The open sea has allowed me to visit many places, enjoy many things, and even leave with some souvenirs. What has escaped me is somewhere to dock my ship, somewhere I can unload my experiences. The last time I believed I have found such a place, I was ambushed by mixed emotions and uncertain thoughts. I loved the scenery and the heart of the land gave me a feel of retirement; I thought I would never sail again. Woke up one day ejected from my bed, rejected by paradise, with an understanding I can always visit but not stay. So, I am back on the tides in search for the type of home that I can grow old with; the type of soil I can plant seeds and raise them because they will be ours. I want to settle in a place that I feel placed, not continue to move from place to place. I am so sick of the sea that I am sea-sick. The voyage must go on, and the adventures will process. I won’t quit; either I’ll drown at sea or find that paradise costume made for me!!!!

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