Correct the Wrong, Support the Right

My Daughter is taught to articulate her thoughts and emotions with clarity. She does this better than most adults.
So, one day in school one of her classmates told the teacher Camille closed her hand in a book. When asked about it, Camille said, “She is lying, I didn’t close her hand in a book”. The teacher said to Camille, “Don’t call her a liar”. Camille said ” I said she was lying, I didn’t call her a liar because there is a big difference.
Camille added,  “She just lied on me, but she doesn’t liar most of the time, so she isn’t a liar.” The teacher just said “Whatever”…. the teacher calls Jerri as if Camille was being disrespectful. But, Jerri said “I agree with Camille’s definition and we support her clarifying her actions. The teacher rather break Camille’s spirit, then forfeit her ego.

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